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price: 68 USD / 60 EUR + shipping ( 12 USD / 10 EUR )
* This price relates to a painting of one pet. If you would like to have multiple pets portrayed, please contact me first for a price offer.
** Shipping times vary depending on where you live.
(Shipping within Hungary is free of charge.)

material: acrylic paint on canvas
size: 20x20 cm ( 7.8" x 7.8 " )

what I will need:
. at least one good quality reference photo (the more the better!)
. additional info helps me create a painting that you will enjoy. You can tell me about the personality of the pet, the colours you would like to see in the picture, or anything else you find relevant.

payment: in advance
As soon as your payment is confirmed, I will start working on your order.
payment methods: PayPal or direct bank transfer

when you can expect to receive the painting:
generally, 14 calendar days from order confirmation + shipping
(delivery times will vary depending on where you live)

how the whole process will go:
contact me with your request
we discuss the details
I ask you to proceed with the payment
as soon as your payment is received, I will let you know
your order is now confirmed!
there is no payment return - but I promise to make this purchase worth it for you
within 3 days I will send you a sketch and a rough colour scheme
I will ask you to confirm that I can go ahead with how I planned the picture
when the artwork is complete, I will send you a digital picture of it
within 2 business days, the painting itself will be shipped -
I will inform you when this is done and let you know the tracking number
please let me know if you have any comments about your commissioning experience with me. Your feedback (including constructive criticism) helps me improve my customer service :)

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